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Submission Guidelines

Please follow the submission guidelines below and submit via

**For those who have previously submitted through, please note they are no longer available and the procedure has changed**

We will want to see a proposal and at least two sample chapters. If you have the full manuscript, please include it. If one chapter is all you have, then that will have to do.
Please include the following as part of your submission: 

  • how you came across our agency, 

  • why you chose to submit your proposal to us,

  • if you have shown this to other agents and/or publishers, where these submissions stand, and what reactions, if any, you have received.


Very important:  if you are about to make a decision regarding representation for your project, please give us a heads up so we have a chance to give you our reaction.  



Please upload all files as Word documents.  Your material should be double spaced throughout with readable 12 point font.

Please use the following format to name all file documents: Last name_title_what you're submitting (i.e. proposal, sample)


  • A selling sentence or two that clearly defines what the book is

  • A succinct overview.

  • Explain why this book is needed.

  • Make a bulleted list of sales points.

  • Explain why you are uniquely qualified to write this book.  

  • Explain what genre your book would be classified as and what audience or audiences you are aiming at.

  • Give detailed Information on your public platform (i.e. lecturing, radio and TV appearances, newspaper and/or internet columns, social media followers, website, etc.).

  •  Explain how you will help sell your book once it is published.  List any media contacts and possible blurbers.

  • Describe successful books published within the last 3-4 years that are comparable - i.e. that would appeal to the same audience -- and give their 13-digit ISBNs and Amazon sales rankings.  They need not be on the exact same subject.  Explain why your book is similar.  

  • Describe competitive titles and explain why your book is different and better.

  • Include an annotated chapter outline that reveals how each chapter advances the argument of the book.  In other words, it should not be an outline you would follow as the writer, but an explication of the “work” each chapter will do. Give a few details in you rchapter description that will whet the reader's appetite for more.

  • Give an estimated word count of the final manuscript, number of illustrations, and how much time you will need to finish.

  • Samples of illustrations, if there are to be any.


We aim to consider every submission that comes to us within 4-6 weeks of receipt, if not before. 



Adult, children's and young adult fiction, poetry, screenplays, coffee table books, supernatural works

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