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     WILD WINEMAKING: The Art of Creating Wine from Flowers, Fruits, Herbs, and Grains in Your Own Home by Richard

     Bender, Storey Publishing, 2018

     A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO CHORAL CONDUCTING by Harold Rosenbaum, Routledge, 2018


     CRAFT WINES by Richard Bender, Storey, 2017

     COOKIES FOR GROWNUPS by Kelly Cooper, Red Rock Press, 2012

     BEYOND THE BAKE SALE: The Ultimate School Fund Raising Book by Jean Joachim, St. Martin’s Press, 2003

     LIVING IN STYLE WITHOUT LOSING YOUR MIND by Marco Pasanella, Simon and Schuster, 2000

     THE ART OF THE TABLE: Table Settings, Table Manners, Table Ware by the Baronness Suzanne von Drachenfels, Simon and

     Schuster, 2000

     ORGANIZE YOUR HOME by Ronni Eisenberg and Kate Kelly, Hyperion Books, 1998


     ORGANIZE YOUR OFFICE by Ronni Eisenberg and Kate Kelly, Hyperion Books, 1998

     THE OVERWHELMED PERSON'S GUIDE TO TIME MANAGEMENT by Ronni Eisenberg and Kate Kelly, Dutton, 1997


     RENOVATING WITH A CONTRACTOR by Kevin Brenner and Kate Kelly, Taylor Publishing, 1996


     HAPPY ANNIVERSARY by Molly Blayney, Abbeville Press, 1994


     HAND AND HOME by Tommy Simpson and William Seitz, Bulfinch Press, 1994


     HALLIDAY'S NEW ENGLAND FOOD EXPLORER by Frederick Halliday, Fodor's Travel Publications, 1993


     THE FRENCH CUISINE OF YOUR CHOICE by Isabelle Marique and Albert Jorant, Harper and Row, 1981 

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