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     NEW ON EARTH by Suzi Eszterhas, Insight Editions, 2020

     THE PARIS LETTERS OF THOMAS EAKINS by William I. Homer, Princeton University Press, 2009


     REALITY REVEALED: THE LIFE AND ART OF THOMAS EAKINS by William Innes Homer, Abbeville Press, l992, Reissued


     TWO LOOKS TO HOME: The Art of Tommy Simpson by Tommy Simpson with an introduction by Pam Koob, Bulfinch Press,


     THE LANGUAGE OF CONTEMPORARY CRITICISM CLARIFIED by Willan Innes Homer, Sound View Press, 1999

     OUTDOOR ART:  A Guide to Sculpture Parks by Jane McCarthy and Laurily Epstein, Michael Kesend Publishing, 1996 

     ARCHITECTURE AND THE AMERICAN DREAM by Craig Whitaker, Clarkson Potter, 1996, A Selection of the Book of the   

     Month Club, the Quality Paperback Book Club, and a Main Selection of the Architect's and Designer's Book Club

     PAINT IN AMERICA: The Colors of Historic Buildings by Roger W. Moss, A Barra Foundation Book/The Preservation

     Press, l995

     ALBERT PINKHAM RYDER, Painter of Dreams by William Innes Homer and Lloyd Goodrich, Harry N. Abrams, 1989

     PUEBLO: MOUNTAIN, VILLAGE, DANCE by Vincent Scully, The University of Chicago Press, 1989 


     NEW WORLD VISIONS by Vincent Scully, Metropolitan Museum of Art/WNET Channel Thirteen/New York Graphic Society,



     AMERICAN ARCHITECTURE AND URBANISM by Vincent Scully, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1988

     UPHOLSTERY IN AMERICA AND EUROPE byEdward S. Cooke, Jr., W. W. Norton, 1987  

     DRAWN FROM NATURE by Charles van Ravenswaay, A Barra Foundation Book/Smithsonian Institution Press, 1984  

     CHARLES WILLSON PEALE AND HIS WORLD by Edgar P. Richardson, Brooke Hindle and Lillian B. Miller, A Barra

     Foundation Book/Harry N. Abrams, 1982  


     MATHER BROWN by Dorinda Evans, A Barra Foundation Book/Wesleyan Univ. Press, 1982  

     WALLPAPER IN AMERICA by Catherine Lynn, A Barra Foundation Book/The Cooper-Hewitt Museum/W. W. Norton, 1981 

     MR. PEALE'S MUSEUM by Charles Sellers, A Barra Foundation Book/W. W. Norton, 1980  

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