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Recent Book Sales

       THE PATH TO SINGULARITY: How Technology Will Challenge Our Future, with an Introduction by Neil DeGrasse Tyson, by J.                   Craig Wheeler, 2025.         


       HAS MEDICINE LOST ITS MIND? Why Our Mental Health System Is Failing Us and What Should Be Done to Cure It by Robert C.             Smith, MD, 2025.


       THE FERTILITY DOCS' COMPLETE GUIDE TO IN VITRO FERTILIZATION, EGG FREEZING AND EMBRYO TRANSFER by                         Carrie Bedient, MD, Abby Eblen, MD  and Susan Hudson , 2025.


       SCAT: The Incredible Science of Wildlife Poop by Anita Sanchez to Della Farrell at Holiday House, 2024.


       THE FOREST IN THE SEA: How Seaweed Can Change the World by Anita Sanchez to Della Farrell at Holiday House, 2023.

       THE MONKEY TRIAL: John Scopes and the Battle Over Teaching Evolution by Anita Sanchez to Clarion Books, 2023.

       SAVE THE... GORILLAS by Anita Sanchez to Jill Santopolo at Philomel Books, 2023.

       SAVE THE... GIRAFFES by Anita Sanchez to Jill Santopolo at Philomel Books, 2023.

       SAVE THE... KOALAS by Anita Sanchez to Jill Santopolo at Philomel Books, 2023.

       THE JEWISH UNDERGROUND OF SAMARKAND: How Faith Defied Soviet Rule by Hillel Zaltzman to Mandel Villar Press, 2023.

       KICKASS HEALTHY LADA: How to Thrive with Latent Auto-Immune Diabetes in Adults by Jackie Haskins, to  Hachette, 2023.

       YOUR BRAIN ON PREGNANCY: A Guide to Understanding and Protecting Your Mental Health During Pregnancy and Beyond by              Dawn Kingston, 2024.

       LISTEN TO THE BIRDS by Donald Kroodsma, Lena Mazilu, and Yoann Gueny to Norton Young Readers, 2023.

       THE DEVELOPMENT OF BIRDS by Dominic Sherony to McFarland, 2023.

       SAVE THE... WHALE SHARKS by Anita Sanchez to Philomel Books, 2022.

       MELTDOWN: Discover Earth's Irreplaceable Glaciers and Learn What You Can do to Save Them by Anita Sanchez, to Workman,             2022.

       A SKY THAT SINGS by Anita Sanchez to Kandace Coston at Lee and Low, 2022.

       TIME TO THINK SMALL: Using Smartphone Technology to Solve Our Toughest Environmental Problems by Todd Myers to Kevin              Stevens at Imagine Publishing, 2022.

Selected List of Agented Books



      DEAR LIBBY:  Will You Answer My Questions about Friendship by Libby Kiszner to Brooke Jorden and Christopher Robbins at                    Familius


      CONNECTING IN THE LAND OF DEMENTIA by Deborah Shouse, Central Recovery Press.

      SEXUALITY AND DEMENTIA: Compassionate and Practical Strategies for Dealing with Unexpected or Inappropriate Behaviors by

      Douglas Wornell, MD.   Demos  Health.


      TORMENTING THOUGHTS AND SECRET RITUALS: The Hidden Epidemic of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder by Ian Osborn, MD.

      Pantheon Books, Dell Books.

      CAN CHRISTIANITY CURE OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER? A Psychiatrist Explores the Role of Faith in Treatment by Ian  

      Osborn, MD. Brazos Press.

      LOST IN THE MIRROR: Borderline Personality Disorder by Richard Moskovitz, MD. Taylor Publishing.

      ESCAPING TOXIC GUILT: Five Proven Steps to Free Yourself from Good! by Susan Carrell, RN, LPC

      A COMMONSENSE BOOK OF DEATH: Reflections at 90 by a Lifelong Thanatologist by Edwin Shneidman. Jason Aronson Books.

      THE SUICIDAL MIND by Edwin Shneidman. Oxford University Press.

      AUTOPSY OF A SUICIDAL MIND by Edwin Shneidman, Oxford University Press

      ENDEAVORS IN PSYCHOLOGY: Selections from the Personology of Henry A. Murray, edited by Edwin S. Shneidman. Harper and




      COVES OF DEPARTURE:   Notes from the Sea of Cortes by John Seibert Farnsworth to Kitty Liu, Cornell University Press

      WAIT TILL IT GETS DARK:  A Kid's Guide to Exploring the Night by Anita Sanchez and George Steele to Rick Rinehart, Muddy Boots        Press.


      DEATH ON KATAHDIN by Randi Minetor, to Holly Rubino at Lyons Press. 

      ROTTEN! VULTURES, BEETLES, AND SLIME: Nature's Decomposers by Anita Sanchez, to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Book

      for Young Readers


      BIRDSONG FOR THE CURIOUS NATURALIST by Donald Kroodsma, to Lisa White at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

      BIRDING NEW ENGLAND  by Randi Minetor to Dave Legere at FalconGuides,  Globe Pequot Press. 

      WILDLIFE SPECTACLES:  Mass Migrations, Mating Rituals, and Other Fascinating Animal Behavior by Vladimir Dinets. Timber


      IN PRAISE OF POISON IVY: The Secret Virtues, Astonishing History and Dangerous Lore of the World's Most Hated Plant by Anita

      Sanchez. Taylor Publishing.


      THE BACKYARD BIRDSONG GUIDE: Western and Eastern North America editions by Donald  Kroodsma, The Cornell Lab           

      Publishing Group.

      LISTENING TO A CONTINENT SING: Birdsong by Bicycle from the Atlantic to the Pacific by Donald Kroodsma, Princeton

      University Press.

      THE PETERSON GUIDE TO BIRD SOUNDS OF EASTERN AND WESTERN NORTH AMERICA  by Nathan Pieplow.  Houghton                   Mifflin Harcourt.


      THE PETERSON GUIDE TO FINDING MAMMALS by Vladimir Dinits, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

      THE SUGAR SEASON: Making Maple Syrup in a New Era by Douglas Whynott. DaCapo Press.

      THE NEW ENGLAND BIRD LOVER'S GARDEN by Randi Minetor. Photographs by Nic Minetor. Globe Pequot Press.

      BEST EASY DAY HIKES Series by Randi Minetor. Globe Pequot Press.





      HAIR: A Human History by Kurt Stenn, MD.  Pegasus Press.


      DRAGON SONGS: Love and Adventure among Crocodiles, Alligators, and Other Dinosaur Relations by Vladimir Dinets, PhD.  


      THE ROOF AT THE BOTTOM OF THE WORLD: Discovering the Transantarctic Mountains by Edmund Stump, Ph.D. Yale University


      FAVELA: Four Decades of Living on the Edge in Rio de Janeiro by Janice E. Perlman, Ph.D. Oxford University Press. 2010 Winner of    

      PROSE Awards for Excellence in Social Sciences, Award for Sociology and Social Work.

Middle Grade

      THE BOY WHO BECAME BUFFALO BILL: Growing Up Billy Cody in Bleeding Kansas by Andrea Warren.  Two Lions Press.

      ITCH!: Everything You Didn't Want to Know About What Makes You Scratch by Anita Sanchez.  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

      HARDLUCKY: The Story of a Boy Who Learns How to Think Before He Acts by Miriam Chaikin and Gabriel Lisowski.  Skyhorse.


      CHARLES DICKENS AND THE STREET CHILDREN OF LONDON by Andrea Warren. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

      PIONEER GIRL: Growing Up on the Prairie by Andrea Warren. Bison Books; Morrow Junior Books.

      UNDER SIEGE! Three Children at the Battle of Vicksburg  by Andrea Warren. A Melanie Kroupa Book. Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

      ESCAPE FROM SAIGON by Andrea Warren. A Melanie Kroupa Book. Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

      ORPHAN TRAIN RIDER by Andrea Warren. Houghton Mifflin Books for Young People. 1996 Winner of the Horn Book Award for

      Non-fiction, 1996; an ALA Notable Book for 1996; A Selection of the Scholastic Book Club.

      A HANDFUL OF HAIKU: Poems for Young Readers by Miriam Chaikin. Holt.


      HIKING THE LOWER HUDSON VALLEY: FalconGuide Primers by Randi Minetor. Globe Pequot Press.

      DEATH IN GLACIER NATIONAL PARK: Stories of Accidents and Foolhardiness in the Crown of the Continent by Randi Minetor.

      Globe Pequot Press.

      DEATH IN ZION NATIONAL PARK: Stories of Accidents and Foolhardiness in Utah's Grand Circle by Randi Minetor. Globe Pequot


      DAY TRIPS: HUDSON VALLEY by Randi Minetor, Globe Pequot Press. 




      CITY  by Randi Minetor. Globe Pequot Press.

      TIMELINE TOURS: VICKSBURG by Michael Sigalas. Globe Pequot Press.

      GREAT SMOKY NATIONAL PARK: and ACADIA NATIONAL PARK:  FalconGuide Primers by Randi Minetor. Globe Pequot Press

      PASSPORT TO YOUR NATIONAL PARKS ® FIELD GUIDES by Randi Minetor.  9 Volumes. Globe Pequot Press.

Popular Culture

      SO YOU THINK YOU KNOW ROCK AND ROLL?  by Peter  Meltzer, Skyhorse Publishing.

      SO YOU THINK YOU KNOW FOOTBALL?  by Ben Austro, Taylor Publishing.

      SO YOU THINK YOU KNOW BASEBALL? by Peter Meltzer. W.W. Norton.

      MINGUS SPEAKS: Interviews 1972-1974 edited by John Goodman. University of California Press.

      PICKUPS  - Classic American Truck Calendar -  Photographs by William Bennett. Seitz. Sellers Publishing.

      THE THINKER'S THESAURUS: Sophisticated Alternatives to Common Words by Peter E. Meltzer. W.W. Norton.

      GILDED MANSIONS by Wayne Craven.  W.W. Norton.


      ENEMY CHILD: A Boy in the Japanese American Internment Camps of World War 11 by Andrea Warren to Margaret Ferguson at                Holiday House     


      RISE OF THE CAJUN MARINERS: The Race for Big Oil by Woody Falgoux. Skyhorse Publishing.


      THE FRIENDLY ORANGE GLOW: The Untold Story of the PLATO Learning System and the Dawn of Cyberculture by Brian Dear.               Pantheon.

      IN SEARCH OF SACCO AND VANZETTI by Susan Tejada. University Press of New England.

      AMERICA'S MEDICIS: The Rockefellers and Their Astonishing Cultural Legacy by Suzanne Loebl. Smithsonian/HarperCollins.

      RETURN TO THE MIDDLE KINGDOM: One Family, Three Revolutionaries, and the Birth of Modern China by Yuan-tsung Chen.

      Union Square Press.

      THE BOMB IN THE BASEMENT:  How Israel Went Nuclear and What That Means for the World by Michael Karpin. Simon and


      GIANTS OF JAPAN: The Lives of Japan's Greatest Men and Women by Mark Weston. Kodansha America.

      THE PILL: The Untold Story of the Birth Control Drug that  Changed the World by  Bernard Asbell. Random House. 1995 Winner of            the Best Book of the Year Award from the American Society of Journalists and Authors.

      MOTHER AND DAUGHTER, THE LETTERS OF ELEANOR AND ANNA ROOSEVELT, edited by Bernard Asbell. Coward, McCann              and Geoghegan.

      IDEAS TRIUMPHANT: Women Building Movements That Change Society by Lawrence Lader. Seven Locks Press.


      WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY MARIJUANA PLANT?  by David Deardorff, Ph.D. and Kathryn Wadsworth, Ten Speed Press.

      WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY PLANT?  Easy Diagnosis and Natural Remedies by David Deardorff, Ph.D. and Kathryn Wadsworth.

      Timber Press.

      WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY FRUIT TREE? by David Deardorff, Ph.D. and Kathyrn Wadsworth. Timber Press.

      WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY VEGETABLE GARDEN? by David Deardorff, Ph.D. and Kathryn Wadsworth. Timber Press.

      WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY  HOUSE PLANT?  Easy Diagnosis and Natural Remedies by David Deardorff, Ph.D. and Kathryn         

      Wadsworth. Timber Press.

      BOUNTIFUL BONSAI by Richard W. Bender. Tuttle Publishing.

      THE NEW ENGLAND  BIRD LOVER'S GARDEN by Randi Minetor. Globe Pequot Press.

      THE GARDEN PRIMER by Barbara Damrosch. A Regina Ryan Book. Workman Publishing. Revised edition.

      THEME GARDENS by Barbara Damrosch. A Regina Ryan Book. Workman Publishing. Revised Edition .


      WHEN CANCER STRIKES A FRIEND: What To Say, What To Do & How To Help by Bonnie E. Draeger. Skyhorse Publishing.

      EVERYTHING CHANGES: Living With Cancer in Your 20s and 30s by Kairol Rosenthal. John Wiley.

      THE SEROTONIN POWER DIET: Use Your Brain's Natural Chemistry to Cut Cravings, Curb Emotional Overeating, and Lose Weight  

      by Judith Wurtman, Ph.D. and Nina  Frustajer Marquis, MD. Rodale.


      FINDING SUCCESS AFTER FAILURE: Inspirational Stories of Famous People Who Persevered and Won Out by Darcy Oordt. Sellers



      SMART ASS: How a Donkey Challenged Me to Accept His True Nature and Rediscover My Own by Margie Winslow to Jason Gardner         at New World Library.


      DR. PETTY'S PAIN RELIEF FOR DOGS: The Complete Medical and Integrative Guide for Treating Pain by Dr. Michael Petty.

      Countryman Press.


      JOY FIXES FOR WEARY PARENTS by Erin Leyba, Ph.D.  New World Library.

      PARENTING THROUGH DIVORCE: Helping Your Children Thrive During and After The Split by Lisa Rene Reynolds, Ph.D. Skyhorse


      WHAT BABIES SAY BEFORE THEY CAN TALK. Paul Holinger, MD with Kalia Doner.  Fireside Books, 2003. A selection of the

      Parenting Book Club.

      RAISING HAPPY CHILDREN: A Family Guide by Javad Kashani MD, Wesley Allen MA, and Kate Kelly. Three Rivers Press, Crown


Current Events


      THE FEMININE SIXTH:  Women for the Defense by Andrea Lyon to The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. 


      IMPERFECT COMPROMISE: A New Consensus Among Israelis and Palestinians by Michael Karpin. Potomac Press.

      WHEN JOHNNY AND JANE COME MARCHING HOME: How All of Us Can Help Vets by Paula Caplan. MIT Press.
      ANGEL OF DEATH ROW: My Life as a Death Penalty Defense Lawyer by Andrea Lyon. Kaplan Publishing.

      THE DEATH PENALTY: Why is  it Still Alive? by Andrea Lyon. Kaplan Publishing.

Jewish Interest

      JEWISH WISDOM FOR EVERYDAY LIFE: Sayings of Rabbi Menahem Mendel of Kotzk by Miriam Chaikin and Gabriel

       Lisowski. Arcade Publishing.


      TIGHTROPE: Six Centuries of a Jewish Dynasty by Michael Karpin. John Wiley Publishers.

      ANGEL STORIES Miriam Chaikin. Henry Holt Books for Young Readers.



      WILD WINE MAKING: Easy & Adventurous Recipes Going Beyond Grapes, Including Apple Champagne, Ginger Green Tea Sake,                Key Lime Cayenne Wine, and 145 More by Richard Bender to Carleen Madigan at Storey Press.


      THE COMPLETE CAREER GUIDE FOR INTROVERTS by Jane Finkle to Adam Schwartz and Michael Pye at Career Press


      GROWN UP COOKIES by Kelly Cooper. Red Rock Press.

      HAPPY ANNIVERSARY by Molly Blayney. Abbeville Press.

      HAND AND HOME by Tommy Simpson and William Seitz. Bulfinch Press.

      HALLIDAY'S NEW ORLEANS FOOD EXPLORER by Frederick Halliday. Fodor's Travel Publications.

      WEDDED BLISS by Molly Blayney. Abbeville Press.

      THE ART OF THE TABLE  by Suzanne von Drachenfels. Simon and Schuster.


      THE BABY by Viva (Hoffman). Open Road Media. 

      SUPERSTAR  by Viva (Hoffman). Open Road Media.

      THE LAST LEAF OF HARLEM: The Shorter Works of Dorothy West, edited by Lionel Bascom.  St. Martin's Press.

      THE DOWRY by Walter Keady. Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martins Press, 2007; Robert Hale Ltd.  2006. A Selection of the Book-of-

       the-Month Club, the Literary Guild and the Doubleday Large Print Club.

      THE ALTRUIST by Walter Keady. MacAdam/Cage.

      ALEXANDRA'S SCROLL by Miriam Chaikin. Holt Books for Young Readers.

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