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Author's Guild Webinar – How Facebook Advertising Works

March 2019    

Ricardo Fayet, a founder at, spoke to Authors Guild members about how to best utilize Facebook Advertisements. is known as being home to independent publicity pros.

Some important things to keep in mind before utilizing Facebook’s advertising feature are what goals you are looking to achieve and who your target audience is. For example, a major goal is to increase sales to drive discoverability on e-retailers or to build awareness ahead of launch. This is particularly a good way to grow your mailing list exponentially. This is done by knowing who your target audience is. Your target audience is equivalent to your ideal reader. By narrowing down who your target audience is, you can better figure out a way to reach them, so ultimately this produces a better result. One way to do this is through Facebook interests. 

Ultimately, the main goal is to create Traffic that will send the people in your target audiences to e-retailers to buy your book. Once you know this, you can start thinking about placement and where you want your ad displayed. Fayet mentioned avoiding Instagram ads.

When creating an ad, it is important to remember that the more text there is, the less amount of plays it will get on Facebook. People are looking for something that is to the point. In this case it is best to use introductory texts or headlines.

Monitoring ads is the best way to know who as well as how many people your advertisements are reaching. Facebook puts out a relevance score based on your ad and who it has reached. Fayet recommended not getting too upset over your relevance score.  This feature is ultimately helpful in refining your audience. There is an audience for every genre, whether it be by the authors they are interested in, their demographics, or gender. Facebook already breaks these people down into fields and categories.  Your target Audience can be further broken down by Amazon Kindle match, other authors, Kindle, Book fans, and Barnes & Noble. This is a truly powerful thing.

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