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Sales Points

Track Record/Performance

  • Phenomenal best-selling track record

  • New York Times best-selling track record

  • National best-selling track record

  • Demonstrated market (sales of audio, tickets, events, records, cds, print-related)

Media Tie-Ins

  • High media visibility

  • Guaranteed national media

  • Strong media platform

  • Ongoing speaking platform (circuit, word of mouth, number of people already familiar with, estimated attendance)

Editorial Content

  • Hot topic

  • Explosive disclosures

  • Headline-making disclosures

  • Groundbreaking research

  • Built-in publicity hook

  • Unique twist on a strong subject category

  • Rare critical acclaim for author, past books

Category Strengths, Positioning, Publishing Issues

  • Strong backlist category

  • Impulse value

  • Title appeal (impulse buy)

  • Serves possibility (audience need)

  • Brand identity (merchandizing potential)

  • Gift potential

  • Holiday tie-in (Halloween, Easter, Mother's Day, V-day, Xmas)

  • Launch opportunities (anniversary of event, death, birth, etc.)

  • Mystique (embargo)

Author Credentials

  • Breakout potential (debut)

  • Impressive author credentials

  • Extraordinary author credentials (expert)

  • Highly connected author (award winning)

  • Icon

  • National presence

  • Pre-existing network (targeted mailing lists)

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